The BruinHubs are on-campus spaces designed to meet the needs of students who commute long distances to campus. We have two locations located at the John Wooden Center and Strathmore Building. The BruinHub spaces were designed in recognition of commuters' routines and needs.

To use the spaces, students are invited to fill out an online application to become a “BruinHub Passholder.” We ask that students complete the application each academic quarter.

The John Wooden Center BruinHub features areas for students to study, and rest: study tables, charging stations, microwave, refrigerator, storage, and study pods are available. Students will also be able to utilize the John Wooden Center’s restrooms, water stations, and showers.

The BruinHub pods are individual, partly-enclosed spaces for students to individually rest, study, or recline. They are designed for temporary rest in a public space, each featuring a foldable desk and electronic ports for charging. In the daytime, a student can reserve a pod for short-term (<2 hour) use.

The BruinHub's Hours of Operation are consistent with the hours of the John Wooden Center and are subject to change each academic quarter.