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The following list of committees are opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to get involved in university wide efforts which impact students. All students are encouraged to peruse the listing and click on the application to apply. If a department, unit, or division is interested in starting a new committee and would like student representation appointed by the student government, please contact ASUCLA Student Government Services at to be added to this listing.

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Academic Technology Committee

The Academic Technology Committee, one of several domain-specific committees, provides expertise and input on matters related to (a) teaching and learning technologies and (b) related pedagogies.

Associated Student (ASUCLA) Board of Directors

ASUCLA founded in 1919 is a unique non-profit organization in that its Board of Directors consists of a student majority. The ASUCLA Board of Directors upholds the mission of the Associated Students UCLA to provide innovative and excellent services, programs, products, and facilities for the entire UCLA community. ASUCLA Board Members attend monthly General Board and Standing Committee meetings.

Associated Student (ASUCLA) Communications Board

Publishers of the student media on campus

Campus Programs Committee

Campus Programs Committee (CPC) The Campus Programs Committee funds student-initiated and student-run on-campus programs that educationally and/or culturally enrich the campus community. These also include on-campus programs that outreach to youth and/or community college students. There is a regular fund for larger programs and a mini-fund for programs with smaller budgets.

Campus Safety Oversight Committee

The Campus Safety Oversight Committee (“CSOC”) was created following the recommendations that came out of the UCLA Public Safety Report, that assessed campus safety concerns and provided recommendations for next steps. . The purpose of CSOC is to recommend ways to implement the recommendations in the report to enhance safety, promote equity, and address quality of life issues facing UCLA.

Campus Sustainability Committee

University wide committee on sustainability at UCLA. Includes Faculty, Staff and Students.

Community Activities Committee

Community Activities Committee (CAC) provides funds for student-initiated, student-led community service programs that work with underrepresented economically and socially disadvantaged communities.

Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee, one of several domain-specific committees, focuses on campuswide projects and initiatives related to data and analytics infrastructures (e.g., systems, frameworks, platforms, policies, standards) and activities (e.g., processes and practices).

John Wooden Center Board of Governors

The John Wooden Center Board of Governors is a student majority committee that makes recommendations regarding the John Wooden Center’s design and use, as well as considering policy and operational issues at other UCLA Recreation facilities.

Student Activity Center Board of Governors

The SAC Board of Governors is a majority student run board whose membership is composed of tenants of the SAC, with four graduate representatives and four undergraduate representatives. The SAC Board of Governors is responsible for the review, recommendation and oversight of all budgetary operations of the SAC and acts in an advisory role to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Student Conduct Committee

Provides hearings for all student cases referred to it under the Student Conduct Code. Must attend an orientation session as directed by the Office of Student Conduct. Meets when there is training and a case to be heard, including summer and breaks.

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

Advisory to the Chancellor for allocation of student service fee funds at UCLA.

Student Group Conduct Board

The Student Group Conduct Code establishes a student panel called the Group Conduct Board (GCB) that will review allegations of misconduct and determine whether a student group is responsible for a Code violation. In preparation for the Code’s implementation, the GCB will need to be convened and receive training. Per the Code, the GCB will consist of eight (8) student members.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) serves as an advocate for UCLA students by working with the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to ensure that student health interests are represented in the development of health care policies and programs, such that all students will have access to high quality, effective health care.

Student Initiated Outreach Committee (SIOC)

Support the preparation of high school and community college students from communities with historically low college attendance by funding outreach projects. Assist in the growth and professional development of minoritized students engaged in college preparation work.

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)

The goal of The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) is to enable and empower students to take an active role in making UCLA a leader in sustainability. TGIF will provide much needed funding for projects that reduce UCLA’s negative impact on the environment.

Transportation Service Advisory Board (TSAB)

The Transportation Service Advisory Board (TSAB) provides input to the Administrative Vice Chancellor on transportation related matters. TSAB is charged with working collaboratively with service providers to ensure that the strategic direction and operational outcomes of service providers are appropriate in the context of the overall campus mission and vision, and that high quality services are provided efficiently and effectively.

UCLA Committee on Disability (UCOD)

UCLA Committee on Disability (UCOD) is advisory to Chancellor Block regarding the needs of the students, staff, faculty, and the community at large that are disabled. In addition UCOD will provide recommendations to promote awareness, education, and inclusiveness.

UCLA Committee on LGBTQ Affairs

The central purpose of this committee is to make recommendations designed to end any oppression directed at any members of the LGBTQIA Community. In addition to correcting negative treatment of LGBTQIAs at UCLA, the committee can identify opportunities, recognize community members for their contributions to UCLA and the LGBTQIA community, and promote a truly equal society.

IT Steering Committee

The campus IT governance structure is an integrated approach to developing and implementing campus technological strategy, policy, and solutions that advance the university mission of teaching, research, and public service. Aligned with the mission and campus IT strategy, the IT Steering Committee prioritizes and coordinates proposals for Executive IT Governance Board review and approval.

Graduate/Professional Students only:

College Faculty Executive Committee

The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is elected by the faculty and conducts the governance of the College. In particular, the FEC: provides general oversight of the academic programs in the College; serves as an advisory body on matters concerning the welfare of students in the College; reviews and approves requirements for College majors, minors, honors programs, and other curricular requirements of the College; reviews and proposes changes to College regulations; and, consults with concerned faculty members and members of the administration and makes recommendations to the Deans based on established Senate policies about the College’s allocation of educational resources, academic priorities, and planning and budget issues.

Director of Communications

Responsible for keeping the overall graduate student population aware of all pertinent GSA activities.

​Director of Finance

Responsible for coordinating with Councils to ensure that council requisitions are properly managed in a timely fashion.

​Director of Organizing/Community Partnerships

​Director of Legislative Affairs

​Director(s) of Melnitz

Responsible for programming and coordinating films and panels twice a week as GSA Melnitz Movies

​Elections Commissioner And ​Attorney General

Responsible for promoting, managing, enforcing, and administering GSA Elections and establishing an elections calendar. Enforces the GSA Constitution, Codes, and Bylaws pertaining to the governance of GSA.

Director of Academic Senate & Academic Affairs

Responsible for the oversight of Academic Senate Appointees, working with the VP of Academic Affairs on academic policy, and maintaining the student body informed of policy changes.

Director of Administrative Affairs​

Responsible for attending GSA Forum, taking meeting minutes, and maintaining attendance of GSA delegates in accordance to GSA Codes. Responsible for coordinating with GSA Councils on events, policy, and shared initiatives.

Director of Discretionary Funds

Responsible for administering, funding, and managing GSA’s Discretionary Funds to registered graduate and professional student groups.

Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

Responsible for being the GSA’s liaison in all matters of diversity and equity affecting the GSA student body

Director of Graduate Events

Must manage the GSA Events Board
Must ensure that all GSA Events are accessible by the student body
Attend 75% of GSA Cabinet Meetings
Maintain and promptly respond to messages sent to their official email and Slack accounts.
Responsible for coordinating and promoting social, cultural, recreational programs to foster interaction among the UCLA GSA student body

Director of Internal Affairs

Director of Publications

Responsible for distribution of SFAC/GSA funds for graduate student publications at UCLA and providing operational support in the constructing of those publications.
Compensation: At least $500/quarter (pending GSA Budget 2022-23 approval)

Director of Social Media & Web Manager

Responsible for keeping the overall graduate student population aware of all pertinent GSA activities through social media.

Director(s) of Campus Relations

Graduate & Professional Student Alumni B.o.D.

The GPSA is constituted to serve all UCLA postgraduate degree holders by fostering community, networking, social well-being, mutual support, mentorship, and meaningful life-long connection to the University and each other.

Graduate Writing Center Oversight Committee

Graduate Writing Center Oversight Committee is made of 1 member from each of the GSA councils. GWCOC provides advice and input to the GWC Director on the services of the Graduate Writing Center since is largely a graduate referendum-funded program.

Undergraduate Students Only:

Campus Retention Committee

Support the retention of students by funding projects tailored to assist communities with a history of low graduation rates and services that serve the entire student body. Assist in the growth and professional development of minoritized students engaged in student retention work.

Distinguished Teaching Awards (DTA) Selection Committee

The DTA Selection Committee is responsible for the annual review and selection process for the Distinguished Teaching Awards. The committee reviews dossiers submitted for the three award categories and votes on the awardees. The committee meets three times to select the final awardees, in February, March, and April.

UC Student Association

The University of California Student Association (UCSA) meets and decides on advocacy and state/federal legislation that affects students across the UC system. The appointee is responsible for contributing to discussion and deliberation about these advocacy initiatives at monthly board meetings that take place at different UC campuses.

USAC Budget Review Director

As Chair of the Budget Review Committee, the Budget Review Director verifies that USAC base budgets are in accordance with all ASUCLA and University regulations and that all budgets are sufficiently documented. The Budget Review Committee makes recommendations on USAC Officers’ budgets, and forwards those recommendations to USAC for approval.

USAC Campus Safety Alliance (CSA) Vice Chair

Campus Safety Alliance (CSA) committee shall be responsible for safety concerns and measures relating to the student body in conjunction with the IVP, as well as the rest of the CSA committee. The Vice Chair must host accessible CSA meetings with UCLA administration and the public every quarter to address safety topics. Additionally, the CSA Vice Vice Chair shall outreach to different communities.

USAC Community Service Mini Fund

The Community Service Mini Fund is a quarterly funding body that provides funds for undergraduate student-run organizations that provide health and education services to underserved communities.

USAC Commuter Liaison

The Commuter Liaison is an undergraduate student appointed to the Undergraduate Commuter Committee to address commuter issues. This appointee will advise and assist USAC on how best to address commuter issues, and will report progress through updates to the USAC and the Financial Supports Commissioner.

USAC Elections Board, Chair

Chairs the Election Board, and nominates and supervises members of the Election Board Executive Committee. Is responsible to USAC for the administration of all aspects of USAC elections. Makes any necessary revisions to Election Code. Extensive time commitment before and during regular Spring Election and special Fall Quarter elections.

USAC Finance Committee, Chair

Oversees the annual budget of the Undergraduate Students Association Council and ensures that the Council stays within budget. The Finance Committee, which meets weekly, is entrusted by USAC to review, analyze, investigate, and receive all budget and financial requests dealing with the appropriation of student funds.

USAC Judicial Board

The USAC Judicial Board upholds the student government constitution, issues judgment on merits of case, and provides oversight and guidance to USAC.

USAC Office Space Allocation Committee, Chair

The purpose of the committee is intended to serve as a liaison between student groups and service managers to facilitate in the allocation process of office space, locker space and mailboxes in Kerckhoff hall.

USAC: USIE Advisory Committee

Undergraduate committee members of USIE (Undergraduate Student Initiated Education) serve as a liaison between USAC's Academic Affairs Commission and UCLA Honors Programs (for the Division of Undergraduate Education) to maintain undergraduate interests in the program, manage outreach activities, and build a strong community amongst student facilitators.