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UCLA Campus Life

UCLA Campus Life is a division of Student Affairs that is committed to promoting student engagement and development on campus and out in the community. In all programs and activities, we strive to create opportunities that are educational, inclusive, leadership-focused, sustainable, and healthy. Through a variety of initiatives, UCLA students experience meaningful, learning-filled activities that facilitate lifestyles with balance among academic endeavors, extracurricular pursuits, and personal wellness.


Mick Deluca
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Life, UCLA Student Affairs | (310) 206-1753

Jennifer Flanders
Executive Support Manager, Campus Life and Recreation | (310) 825-0409

Maureen Wadleigh
Chief Financial Officer, Campus Life, UCLA Student Affairs | (310) 206-0197

Alexandra Brown
Senior Director, Student Alumni Programs & Family Engagement | (310) 983-1293

Andy Cofino
Director, UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center | (310) 206-3628

Mike Cohn
Director, Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE) | (310) 206-8821

Emily Dahlem
Director, Veteran's Resource Center (VRC) | (310) 206-6915

Tiffani Garnett
Acting Director, Student Health Education & Promotion (SHEP) | (310) 825-7164

Lindsey Goldstein
Director, Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (OFSL) | (310) 825-6322

Philip Goodrich
Manager, Campus Life Initiatives | (213) 660-6600

Erinn McMahan
Executive Director, Recreation and Wellbeing | (310) 305-1637

Dominique Penate
Program Coordinator, Commuter Support and Programs | (310) 824-3317

Antonio Sandoval
Director, Community Programs Office (CPO) | (310) 825-0049

Angela Scales
Director, Spirit & Engagement | (310) 206-6359

Willie West
Director of Development, Student Affairs

Jason Zeck
Chief Risk Officer/Respondent Services Coordinator, Campus Life, UCLA Student Affairs | (310) 206-5575