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Campus Life Funding

The Campus Life Funding Applications for REF and SSP are open through June 2, 2023. Please review the summary information below and the guidelines for each fund source. Student Organizations may apply at


Campus Life funding, administered by the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor, provides supplemental funding for student activities and programs that benefit the campus community. These funds are open to all registered campus organizations and official student governments. Funding is managed through the RCO funding system. Currently there are 2 funding applications:

REF (Recreation Venues Event Fund) specifically funds labor and custodial expenses associated with the use of Recreation spaces by student activities/organizations for practices, performances, programs, meetings and events. There is no rental fee for student organizations to use Recreation spaces. Please review the REF Funding Guidelines.

Campus Life Support for Student Programming (SSP) funds aim to provide supplemental support for student activities and programs that benefit the campus community. Through SSP, student groups have access to additional resources for program/event needs that do not meet traditional funding resources guidelines, have timing issues, or are supplemental to funds awarded by student committees. To best assess the outstanding need and allocate funding accordingly, Campus Life requires information on your total event cost, confirmed funding and pending funding. SSP allocates funding for food, transportation, facilities, supplies, advertising and transportation. Limited honoraria funding is available. All funding allocations will be made on a viewpoint-neutral basis. Please review the Campus Life SSP Funding Guidelines.

Due to budget reductions, Campus Life SSP funding is very limited for 2022-23. In general, Campus Life does not fund expenses related to purchase/repair of equipment, retreats, conference travel, performance fees, decorations, flowers, or gifts to participants.


Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event in order to ensure consideration. Funding is allocated as applications are received, and all applications will be reviewed for funding eligibility. Programs and events should utilize all of their funding opportunities, as Campus Life SSP funding is meant to supplement existing funding sources.

Eligibility for Funding

Only registered campus organizations or official student governments (USAC/GSA) may receive allocations from any Campus Life Support for Student Programming (SSP) funds. All programs must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for SSP funding:

  • Present a balanced educational perspective
  • Provides a direct benefit to UCLA students
  • Demonstrate clear goals and thorough planning
  • Adhere to University policies, campus regulations, and established procedures
  • A significant number of UCLA students must be involved in the planning and/or participation of the program
  • At least 70% of total participation should be UCLA community members (students, faculty/staff, or other active BruinCard holders)
  • Participation must be open to any interested UCLA student, without an admission fee
  • No alcohol may be served at the program
  • Program/event must be held on campus (may not apply to all funds)
  • Food can only be funded for student attendees
  • Must have UCLA Green Event Seal for any programs/events/meetings requesting funding for Food. Please apply here: or contact your event manager with any questions.

Organizations will complete an application online, and submissions will go to your SOLE advisor for approval. If you have any questions, please ask your SOLE advisor.

For other funding opportunities on campus, please visit the SOLE funding website or contact your SOLE advisor.

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