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UCLA Campus Life

If you have any questions about sponsorship opportunities with UCLA, please contact Angela Scales (

UCLA Campus Life and Residential Life work together on many campus events and programs throughout the school year. The events target students (undergraduate & graduate) for on- and off-campus housing events, and special events such as TEDxUCLA, sustainability, wellness, and technology. They also work together with other areas of campus such as:

Sponsorship - Campus Life

Sponsorship - Recreation

Whether you want to engage with the campus community in person, digitally, or with ‘outside the box’ activation, we can assist you in your promotional goals.

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Sponsors are welcome and encouraged to engage with our 13,000+ on-campus & 8,000+ off-campus housing students to provide and/or promote their products and services through digital, print and on-site engagement. Sponsor fees raised through this program are also reinvested into student programming, cause-related events, and social justice programming.

Potential sponsors with a positive record of customer satisfaction, have demonstrated good business practices compliant with the University’s guidelines and support the Core 5 : Support the Academic Mission, Cultivate Safe Environments, Encourage Personal Growth, Foster Social Responsibility, and Develop Leaders are encourages to engage with our community.

Engagement is not just limited to undergraduate housing; it is possible with graduate student housing and the other parts of campus.

"Our partnership with UCLA is one we find to be extremely beneficial in many different aspects. They are professional in the way they conduct business and always find a way to make the Corporate Sponsor's voice be heard. Not to mention, holding countless events on campus where your product and company can be advertised to the student body. For the 10+ years that our company has been a Corporate Sponsor on UCLA's campus, it never ceases to amaze me that each year it gets better and better! We thank you for your unconditional support, Bruins! "

— Kasey Rodda, Collegiate Concept Inc.

Sponsorship Contact

If you have any questions about sponsorship opportunities with UCLA Campus Life and Student Affairs, please contact Angela Scales (